19 Years!

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate our "little shop that could" as we welcome our 19th year selling local artists over here on Columbia street!

Fun Fact: In 2004 I, along with jewelry designer Rachel Goldberg, opened the Brooklyn Collective as a way to sell our own creations (clothing & jewelry). 

The collective was an idea that was born after many evenings of thin crust pizza and bottles of wine, playing the "What If" game...

Suddenly we had a lease to the store front at 198 Columbia street. It was small but mighty & we worked with some incredible local artists ranging from students to established artists.

We soon won a coveted spot in the TimeOut Best Of NYC shopping issue.

We had shopping parties & art openings because if we didn't, we wouldn't have had any customers. Back then there were very few young hip folks living here and even less reasons to come over to Columbia street. So the famous Brooklyn Collective open bar/live music parties were born...and we are still going 19 years later! 

In 2014 I became sole proprietor.

Brooklyn Collective now sells work by 25 different artists & designers.

We also offer a range of kids & adult art classes in our studio school which is in the back behind the retail space! 

Come on in!